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We give your home the attention it deserves.

Our goal is to prepare and market your home so you can sell it for the most money possible.
It’s why we pull out all the stops to make sure it stops the scroll of potential buyers.
We step in right from the start and handle all the prep work. We'll make an initial assessment, create a list of home-improvement recommendations, contact the vendors and gather quotes and bids for work. You'll also receive a proposed design scheme for upgrades and improvements, and once everything is approved, we get to work. We handle scheduling appointments, meeting the vendors, and ensuring you receive the invoices. All the while communicating updates and sending lots of progress pictures to you! We’re very invested in this process with you, and it’s why we handle so much of it as if your home was our own. 53% of seller’s agents say that staging a home decreases the amount of time a house spends on the market. 83% of buyer's agents say that staging makes it easier for the buyer to “visualize” the property as their future home. It’s an important detail we never skimp out on.

We're trained experts and take pride in being the best at what we do.

We go the extra mile when it comes to your property presentation, high-quality staging, visible marketing, expert pricing and sales strategy, and fierce negotiation.
We know what it takes to sell your home for the most money possible, and we go out of our way to make it happen.

Every listing that hits the market showcases professional photography and videography, a 3D virtual walkthrough, email marketing tolocal agents, and social media promotion. We also professionally design and print postcards to 250 neighbors, and send personal letters, and open-house invitations.

Pricing is crucial to selling your home, and our average list-to-sales price ratio over the last five years is 105% — meaning our pricing is ALWAYS spot on. Oftentimes, we’re negotiating more money than our clients expected.

We always negotiate relentlessly in your best interest and read every line of a contract meticulously. Our team is comprised of experts (seriously, Sarah is an attorney), and we are excellent at helping you fully understand the contract, so you feel in control and confident when it's time to make a final decision.

Ready to sell your home with us?

Here's the breakdown of our process:

Meet & Assess

We'll meet and assess your needs for the sale, what's important to you during the process and at the closing table, and your budget for projects before listing. We will also conduct a property assessment to determine the listing price that will attract qualified buyers and generate maximum interest in your property.

Connect & Prepare

We’ll work diligently with you to implement key improvements that will captivate buyers. We’ll provide vetted contractors, gather bids, monitor work for quality control, and oversee staging, so everything comes together seamlessly.

Market & Sell

Once your home is prepped and staged, we’ll hire a professional photographer to take scroll-stopping photos and create engaging video content to post on the property website. Next, we’ll launch social media and print campaigns, alongside hosting open houses to drum up maximum interest in your home.

Negotiate & Close

When offers come in, we’ll leverage our negotiation skills to arrive at a place that feels good to both you and the buyer. Once the offer is accepted, we’ll head into escrow and activate our closing team, who will take us to the finish line. Together, we’ll ensure all deadlines are met, money is exchanged, and documents are signed.


We’ll be right by your side during these final steps and celebrate with you as you move on to your next chapter of life!

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