Stoop & Gable: What’s in our name?

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Stoop & Gable: What’s in our name?

Naming a business is HARD. I didn’t start a business because I had a great name for a business. I started a business because I desired the freedom and creativity to build a down to earth, yet elevated, real estate brand that resonates with Seattle’s homeowners and prospective homeowners. Seems like a simple enough task, right? NO. Not at all in the least bit simple! In fact, I lost so much sleep over the name of the business, I think my gray hairs got gray hairs. 

I wanted the name to be related to houses, yet I didn’t want it to be too literal. I wanted the name to feel familiar and friendly (just like our team!) to anyone who comes across it. I hit the streets of my Broadview neighborhood in search of inspiration. Broadview is eye candy for anyone who loves homes, especially this property obsessed REALTOR! There’s a stunning array of architecture to ogle on every block: a neighborhood explorer will come across traditional farmhouses (once a flourishing farmland), sleek mid-century homes (built for the 1950’s Boeing executive), charming Cape Cods (with low pitched roofs and secret bedrooms up in the ½ story attic), and a handful of PNW modern marvels sprinkled in among the trees. I knew that with the diversity of homes, lush yards, ginormous evergreens, sweeping views of the Olympics and Puget Sound, and plenty of sweet pups walking with their humans, I was bound to find the inspiration I was after.

At the start of this walk I asked myself one simple question: “What do you love most about houses?” The answer, it turns out, was easy. I’m captivated by cozy front porches and sexy rooflines – two of the most visible features of a home that give it personality and presence. Two features that make me, and so many of my clients, envision buying the darn house from the moment we lay eyes on the listing photos.

So many joyful moments take place on the stoop of one’s home. It’s where you welcome guests. It’s a place to catch up with your neighbor, or a quiet spot to enjoy a cuppa before you start your day. It’s the annual destination for trick-or-treater’s and Jack-o’-lanterns. It’s the portion of your home that says “Hello!” to your street, and it’s the first and last impression any prospective buyer will experience of your home when it’s for sale. An inviting front entryway instantly makes you feel at ease. Remember when I said earlier that I wanted a “down to earth” brand? I realized too that the stoop is the home’s representation of this vibe, it was perfect.


Our fab team of real estate queens on Lauren’s mid-mod stoop in Madrona. Photo: Jenny Jimenez

Rooflines also make you feel at ease. I’m serious! It’s the thing that keeps you dry and safe within your home. It’s also one of the most distinctive features of a home’s architecture – roof styles are like hats for a home, and the best hats always coordinate with the rest of the outfit (the exterior of the home). A gable roof is one of the most common roof styles here in Seattle. Think Ballard Craftsman, Wallingford Bungalow, Broadview Cape Cod, or my personal favorite, a Magnolia Tudor. It’s the tall, triangular shaped roof that commands attention and allows for tall, vaulted ceilings. (It’s also the ideal roofline if you want to install a dormer – a blog post for another day). Remember when I said earlier that I wanted an “elevated” brand? Turns out nothing is more elevated on a home than the peak of a gable, it too was perfect.


Ok, I had my two favorite home attributes, now what? To make this even more tricky, I wanted the business name to have a hidden “I love you” to my most favorite humans – my hubs, Gareth, our spicy two year old, Samara, and our giant fur babe, our Great Dane Georgie. From there, I workshopped a handful of word combos that described a porch and roof – Porch & Roof Homes definitely wasn’t going to cut it! Later that evening (after a few glasses of wine)I had my A-HA moment. The first time it rolled off my tongue, I knew it was going to be the one. I texted my sister (she has amazing taste and provides the best honest feedback). She loved it. Then I texted my team. Two thumbs up. Next up was my mom. She didn’t quite get it (ha!), but came around once I gave her this long winded explanation. With a 75% approval rating from my trusted advisors VOILA! Stoop & Gable Homes was born!

Since our launch in June, we’ve received overwhelming feedback from our real estate peers, clients, friends, family, and neighbors that our company name makes them feel joyful and instantly at home. I think this is partially due to our soothing color palette, but I’d say we hit the nail on the head with the business name. 

Welcome to Stoop & Gable Homes, we’re so glad you’re here. And, we can’t wait to style your stoop when we list your home!

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