Three Easy Investments to Make When Selling Your Home


Three Easy Investments to Make When Selling Your Home

"I can't wait to spend thousands of dollars to sell my home!" said no homeowner, ever.

Every seller we've encountered dislikes upfront investments in property preparation before selling their home, but they know it's necessary for a successful sale.

We're not trying to spend your money for the sake of selling "pretty" homes. In a competitive real estate market like Seattle, you want to ensure your home stands out amidst the limited competition. Investing in the right areas can make all the difference in the online presentation and the prospective buyer's first impression at their showing. A lot hinges on that first impression, trust me!

Here are three easy investments that help attract potential buyers and secure offers quickly.

Lighting and Fixture Upgrades

When it comes to showcasing your home, lighting plays a crucial role in setting the mood and highlighting its best features. Outdated light fixtures can make your home feel dull and uninviting. The same goes for other fixtures like sink faucets, cabinet pulls, and door knobs. Modernizing your home's lighting and fixtures can instantly transform the ambiance and create a more appealing atmosphere for potential buyers.

Here's a home before and after a simple lighting upgrade. This light fixture, which is only $50 (linked below) on Amazon, will transform any space it's installed in.

Upgrading fixtures in your home doesn't have to break the bank. We recommend exploring trendy and cost-effective lighting options on Amazon and perusing Facebook Marketplace for secondhand or designer options at a fraction of the price. 

As a freebie, here are a few of our favorite lighting recommendations. Most are under $100!

Paint is the Ultimate ROI Boost

Painting is one of the most cost-effective ways to boost your home's appeal and increase its resale value. Don't stop at the walls – go the extra mile by painting doors, trim, railings, and even the exterior, especially the front door. A fresh coat of paint can breathe new life into your home and make it feel brand new.

While staging can cover up some imperfections, nothing beats the transformative power of a fresh coat of paint. It can brighten a dark room or hallway, make spaces feel larger and more inviting, and add cohesiveness to a property that may have been painted various colors from room to room.

Here's a recent project where we helped a seller transform their kitchen. While we replaced the countertops and recessed lighting, too, the painting upgrades were the real star of this transformation.

It's important to remember that painting your home as part of a listing strategy means that you will likely paint it a neutral, safe color. We always recommend a warm white for walls, trim, and doors. But which white?! Our trusted colors are Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace and White Dove. Of course, all homes have different needs, but these two colors are a safe choice for most interiors.

Partnering with a Great Realtor

A realtor’s primary function is to advise, lead, and execute a strategic plan for your home sale. The importance of having a skilled and experienced realtor by your side cannot be overstated. Like a Stoop & Gable realtor, a great realtor will stop at nothing to ensure all your home is positioned expertly in the market. Their reputation is on the line, too. 

Our month-long service package is designed to expertly position your home in the market, from setup to management. Have a wood pile that needs to go? We'll handle it. Want to remove a sentimental doorframe with your kid's height history? It's not a problem; our handyman is at the ready. Have a vintage light fixture that needs one shade replaced? We'll source it and have it delivered to the property. 

We handle all aspects of the selling process, ensuring that your home receives the attention it deserves and attracts qualified buyers. All while eliminating as much stress as possible from your life. While we can't remove ALL the stress from a home sale (trust us, it's impossible to do because you're a human with emotions, and you WILL stress about your home sale), we strive to make it the BEST money spent throughout the transaction.

With these three strategic investments—lighting and fixture modernization, comprehensive painting, and partnering with a great realtor—you can enhance your home's selling potential and will receive offers in no time.

Are you considering selling your home in the next year or so? Now is a great time to consult a real estate professional. Giving yourself a one-year runway to wrap your head around the costs of selling and the needs of the home and, for many, to begin making your plan for where you plan to move next is never a bad idea. Time is a valuable resource; use it wisely!


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