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That's a Wrap, 2022!

Real Estate

That's a Wrap, 2022!

One thing we love to do at Stoop and Gable Homes is celebrate! We often find that when our clients buy and sell homes they’re tangentially experiencing other major life events. Often these events are great: engagements, weddings, new jobs, graduations, babies, pets. We also love to celebrate when our clients buy homes and get to put their own touches on it, minor or major. We put a call out to you over on Instagram to tell us some of the things you celebrated in and about your homes this year and we’re excited to share and celebrate those milestones with you! 

Home Projects

Listen, if you EVER need someone to ooh and ahh at Before and After photos with you we are your gals for that! Don’t forget that we’ve seen and thoroughly considered your homes (we mean that in a less intense way than it sounds). We know the hope you have for your homes when you move in and we LOVE when your dreams and vision become real. We love to see your pride in ownership shine through your renovations. Here are just a few of the projects you completed this year: 

An office fit for a new job: After many years with her old company, Jillian transferred companies and needed a true dedicated space to thrive. Her husband Eian is helping her bring her dedicated office space to life by walling off a corner of their family room. It’s a work in progress, but if the light fixture is any indication, it’ll have good reason to be Jillian’s new favorite spot in the house.

No stone unturned: Courtney and Eric bought their home in 2021 and have both hired out and DIYed almost an entire new home since then. Their 2022 projects included a complete front yard transformation and fencing, floor refinishing, a fireplace remodel, and–no big deal–gutting their basement to create a primary suite, living room, laundry room, water closet, and laundry room with updated HVAC systems and Electrical (they used Pros for the basement, but definitely tossed some of their own sweat equity in to help with costs). It’s a wonder they haven't each gotten their general contractor licenses yet. Maybe when they do their kitchen…

Alex and Gareth are working constantly on their lovely home, too! (No, we don’t know how she does it all, either). Alex has chronicled some of the changes on the Stoop and Gable Instagram page that are definitely worth checking out. They refinished their floors and it made a massive difference in the space. They also moved their daughter Sami to a different bedroom after Alex painstakingly refinished the walls to excellent effect. 

Celebrating at home: major life events and new family members

Lauren and her husband Travis added Gertrude to their pack. Gertie quickly smiled her way into their hearts and has delighted them since they brought her home. 

Sam and Miya welcomed Goose the Bordoodle who stole the show during their engagement photos. We’ll let the picture woof for itself. 

Rachel and Bryce welcomed baby Sage to their home this fall. She’s full of personality and cute as can possibly be. (Photo: Emily Ann Photography)

Andrew and Genevieve only took a little time after settling into their new home to begin the search for a new family member. They brought Bingo home this fall and he’s been delighting him with his antics and world-class lounging ever since. Cats truly have lounging super powers.

Celebrating Your Home Sales:

Last but not least, we have the major event of purchasing and selling homes to celebrate. In 2022 we helped you Buy and Sell 30 homes this year, for each of you this was a huge life change, and we want to continue to acknowledge it. It’s never lost on us how privileged we are to be a part of these occasions in your lives!

So, what are we all going to celebrate in 2023? Sarah has a massive yard project on the horizon, and all 3 of us always have our eyes on real estate (it’s the nature of the job)... what about you? 






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